I am Tommy C. Woodsand 38 years old women live with my hubby in Ireland. I love gardening and help to people how can they start and how to they can make profit from it.

I was only 8 years old when I was started with my parents. My parents also like to make gardening. I remembered we were a place beside our hope. My parents grow the many kind of vegetables and different type of fruits. According this time I worked with my parents and help to them. From this time I love with gardening.

Now I have a 15 rooftop here I grow the vegetable and fruits. My total worker almost 50. They are helping me to grow the vegetables. Every month we sell almost 10000 USD to local market.

So I think I am not a one person who is growing the vegetable on the rooftop so how can I help to other for to do gardening and beneficiary like me. Then I am starting to help for making garden.

So I uploaded 200 video here I describe every think and how to start gardening and to take care about gardening.

So I tell to every person time is not wait for any. So used your time and make your like with happiness.