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Stopping Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

There is a transition period when stopping hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and switching to a natural method of controlling menopause symptoms. The body’s estrogen receptors are more primed when using synthetic estrogen and stopping hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can cause the body to go into withdrawal from synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT).


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Do you remember our newsletter last year detailing how Wyeth Pharmaceuticals was attempting to stop compounding pharmacists from prescribing natural progesterone (diosgenin) after their profits fell by more than 57%  from $2.07 billion in 2003 to $800 million in 2004 (after the WHI study had to be stopped)?

Well, now they have gone after centers like ours making complaints to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  The FTC's position backed by the big pharmaceutical companies is that Dr. John Lee, M.D.'s studies were not scientific and did not rise to the standard of FDA and National Institutes of Health studies, and that our claims about natural progesterone are false, unfair, deceptive, misleading advertising in violation of the law..

 (Please read what Dr. Helen Pensanti M.D. has to say about this. Read on to how the study was conducted.)  

This is an attempt to force women into taking unsafe proven cancer causing synthetic hormones using your tax dollar to harass natural hormone suppliers. We here at the Women's Menopause Health Center refuse to take away your choice of a healthy alternative to Premarin, Prempro and the other dangerous drugs. We are taking a stand against this heavy handed attempt to destroy competition. We are going to fight for your choice of a healthy way to get through menopause comfortably and safely.

(Ed. note: This was from our newsletter last year. The continued harassment by the FTC has caused us to discontinue our wonderful product.  Do not be forced into taking something that can kill you. You may purchase safe progesterone cream at your local health food store, or find it a lot less expensively on line at places like ebay and yahoo stores. Do not let these heavy handed tactics destroy your health!)


Although about half the women who choose the "cold turkey" method of stopping hormone replacement therapy (HRT) do so without many withdraw complications, the other about 50 percent experience hot flashes and other menopause symptoms when stopping hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Sometimes the symptoms return with a vengeance when stopping hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and the symptoms can be much more intense.

A slow transition stretched out over a two to three month period is recommended when stopping hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and starting a form of natural hormone replacement therapy. Below is an outline for stopping hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to reduce hormone replacement therapy withdraw. Of course, you should always discuss medication alterations with your physician.

During the first month of stopping hormone replacement therapy, use Växa’s line of natural menopause products and Preserve USP progesterone cream while using half your synthetic hormone replacement therapy dosage. You can decrease your dosage by either requesting a new prescription from your physician, by taking your pills or patch every other day, cutting the pills or patch in half.

In the second month, cut your synthetic hormone replacement therapy dosage in half again while continuing your new regime of Växa menopause products and progesterone cream. By the third month, you can completely discontinue the synthetic hormone replacement therapy. This gradual weaning process of stopping hormone replacement therapy (HRT) should help prevent the return of menopause symptoms.


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